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reliability, good quality workmanship, expertise and trustworthiness are what one should expect from a construction industry professional. I know that there are many for you to choose from but please allow me to introduce you to My Partners, who will enable your next move to be a truly exciting and pleasurable experience...

Mark Thompson Group


Mark Thompson Group
Suite 2A, ‘Ronald Tree House’ 
#2,10th Avenue Belleville
St. Michael 
(246) 228-4090

Mahy Ridley Hazzard Engineers Ltd.

Civil and Structural Engineers

Mahy Ridley Hazzard Ltd.
Suite 5
42 Clearview Heights
St. James, BB23031
(246) 438-4000

Innotech Services Ltd.

Building Contractor

Innotech Services Ltd.
ISL Complex A B & C
Warrens Industrial Park
St. Michael Barbados
(246) 425-2065

Innovative Interiors & Design Associates Inc.

Interior Designer

Innovative Interiors and Design Associates Inc.
Arnold Christie Complex
Lot 10, Lower Estate
St. Michael, BB11024
(246) 271-6978

Talma Mill Studios

Landscape Architect

Talma Mill Studios Ltd.
Dover Court
Christ Church
(246) 420-5137

Land Surveyor

Land Surveyor

Please Contact Us for information on our land surveyor partner.

Jireh Consultants Inc.

Quantity Surveyor & Project Management

Jireh Consultants Inc.
Worthing Plaza
Worthing, Christ Church
(246) 434-6734